Double Five Jiu Jitsu Academy Highland Village Reviews

Everyone is kind and willing to help you adjust your technique and that's a great thing when you are a whitebelt!

Angela Marie

The best Brazilian jiu jitsu 👍👍🥋🥋🥇🥇 came training,oss

Tiago Maciel Farias

Awesome place to train BJJ. The training partners and team here at Double 5 are great. I've been training as a blue belt under Professor Formiga for 2yrs now and I am very grateful for all I've learned. He is a BJJ champion and an awesome instructor. World class champion here in the DFW.

David Moreno

Best Jiu jitsu in highland village with a flexible schedule and very beginner friendly

Kaleb Plank

Professor Formiga is a legend and future Hall of Fame BJJ player. But he's also a great training partner. I'm a relatively high rank, but he was not challenged by me stopping in to train (a lot of professors would have to prove a point). He welcomed me in and flow rolled with me and worked up to more strenuous rolls. All the while he was very positive and fun. A perfect training partner. He also gave me some tips that I will be using. Double 55 is a beautiful facility and the vibe is very friendly. A great family training spot. I'd give it 5/5 Oss's.

Shane Kislack

World class BJJ in a friendly atmosphere. Formiga is one of the best! Highly recommend.

Mark Sanchez

 near Highland Village

Great classes with a high level world Brazilian Jiujitsu champion. No bells and whistles, just straight Jiu-Jitsu (Parada- Hard training)

Paul Gilman

The best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the Texas.

Alexandre Vieira

Excellent environment. Incredible coaching. Clean and all new mats. There is a huge wealth of knowledge within these walls. Something for people of all skill levels.

Mike Brown

If you are looking for a great gym with a high level instructor, this is the place!

Thaís Araújo

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